As an Employedpreneur & Balance-Life Strategist/Expert, my know-how lies in assisting high-achieving women (and enlightened men) like you – master Growth, achieve Success and living in strategic Acceleration in career, business and life.

Most of my clients are what I call a ‘Double E’ (Employedpreneur) – an employee by day and an entrepreneur evenings and weekends.

I am often asked: “Why do I attract those high-achieving ‘Double E’ (Employedpreneur) women (and enlightened men)?” Very simple – my company was built to ensure that career and business women like you discover your WOW Factor; gain the knowledge to form tactical alliances; develop multiple income streams; brand successfully, and then strategically differentiate, position, and leverage all your resources for long-term success while maintaining a work-life blend.

The Belief: GSA
I believe that in order for a high-achieving woman to grow, succeed and accomplish, she must have a real passion, a unique platform and a visible position that allows for business growth, career success and revenue acceleration.

I believe in providing over-the-top value, measurable solutions and long-term results in the areas of Growth, Success and Acceleration.

Because of my beliefs, my products, memberships and Breakthrough VIP Days resonate with high-achieving ‘Double E’ (Employedpreneur) women (and enlightened men) entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit leaders, career professionals and coaches.

The Big WOW: Value and Expertise
I believe that in the new economy, business owners and career professionals must establish their self-worth and bring their personal brand value and expertise to the table.  They must create their ‘own’ unique space in order to achieve success in their career and expand their footprint in the business marketplace.

I do believe that we can strive for work-life balance, but I know that attaining work-life blend is key for the high-achieving Employedpreneur.

John Mason, author and speaker stated: “We are all born an original but sadly most die a copy.” I do not believe in the ‘me too’ philosophy — true self-worth is found in your own distinctive value, expertise and being one-of-a-kind.

The True Focus: Differentiation and Leverage
My first focus is differentiation — differentiation is simply: ‘world-class quality execution that sets someone apart’.  My definition of differentiation: ‘doing different things and then doing things differently‘™.

My second focus is power and influence — which is simply the ability to ‘leverage self-worth for high-net worth’™.

My third focus is leadership presence – which is the competency that comprise a myriad of behaviors, including image, brand, confidence skills, influence, high impact communication, authenticity, and yes, even ‘commanding a room’.

My fourth focus is work-life blend – it is simply blending of your Employedpreneur life more easily with your family and personal lives – thanks to technology.

My fifth focus is a healthy life-by-design – it is moving beyond work-life balance and aligning all segments on The Wheel of Life to allow you to have a life by your own design (work-life blend)!


My role is to help you identify what game is best for you; how you want to show up in your career, business and life and how you want to show up to win. I will help you tweak or in some cases overhaul your game so that you can present your best YOU.

The Ideal Client: High-Achievers
My ideal clients are high-achieving women (and enlightened men) who are entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit leaders, career professionals and coaches who are successful in their own right.

My clients are exciting, driven, passionate and high-achievers.  They are on the move, quality-minded; they have big dreams and a big vision for success.   They are willing to play but they want to win.  They are willing to go the extra mile but they want to make every step count. They are looking for big results quickly in their career, business and life.

Like you, they have an established (or startup) business or career — most have not necessarily stagnated, but they may have professional gaps or undervalued talents and they are ready to create their own exclusive space and ‘Take It to a Whole “NEW” Level’™.