As a Career, Business & Lifestyle Solutionist/Coach, Amazon Best Seller and International Speaker, my expertise is assisting high-achieving women (and enlightened men) like you – make a ‘radical decision’ to enhance their Growth. Success. Acceleration (GSA Factor™) in their careers, businesses and lives.

I accomplish this by providing those strategies and solutions that will allow high-achieving women the ability to master the art of ‘doing different things and then doing things differently’.™

I love assisting high-achieving women like you identify the ‘role’ that is best for you; determine what is need for you to win that ‘role’ and then tweak or in some cases overhaul your ‘role’ so you can present your best YOU in every area of your life.

I deliver my strategies and solutions in a hybrid format that includes coaching, mentoring, consulting and teaching.

Most of my clients are what I call: ‘Double E’ (Employedpreneur) – an employee by day and an entrepreneur evenings and weekends. Others are seasoned or startup business owners, career professionals, human resource practitioners and coaches.

If you are like many Employedpreneurs, maybe you have experienced not standing out in the workplace/marketplace, not having the power, influence, or leadership presence needed for success or you may be missing a healthy blend of a life-by-design.

If that’s you, my 5 Focus Radical Approach for Employedpreneurs is designed to ensure that you discover your GSA Factor: that is to brand successfully and then strategically position and leverage your knowledge and resources for long-term success.

The GSA Factor includes:

  1. Differentiation — practice ‘doing different things and then doing things differently‘™.
  2. Power and influence — it’s simply the ability to ‘leverage self-worth for high-net worth’™.
  3. Leadership presence – to ‘command a room’ through the use of ‘next practices’ as opposed to ‘best practices’.
  4. Work-life blend – the blending of your career, business and life – thanks to technology.
  5. Healthy life-by-design – ensuring that you have the right balance among the all aspects of your career, business and life.

If you want to implement the GSA Factor Approach, my role is to help you: 1) identify the ‘game’ that is best for you; 2) determine what is needed to win; and 3) tweak or in some cases overhaul your ‘game’ so that you can present your best YOU.

In summary, my responsibility is to assist you in mastering and projecting your GSA Factor. If you need help identifying the ‘role’ that is best for you, or determining what is needed to win, or better yet, help tweaking or in some cases overhauling your ‘role’ I can provide the solutions that will allow you to present your best YOU.

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The Belief: GSA
I believe that in order for a game-changing, high-achieving woman to grow and succeed, she must be willing to make ‘radical decisions’, have a deep passion, be different from the pack, and have a unique platform and a visible presence.

I believe in providing strategies for ‘next practices’, benchmarking and achieving long-term results in the areas of Growth, Success and Acceleration.

My offerings include products, services, membership programs, career and business certification programs, Breakthrough VIP Days, the Achievers Circle, and the Achievers Magazine for career, business, human resource practitioners and coaches.


The Big WOW: Value and Expertise
I also believe that in this new economy, career, business, human resource practitioners and coaches must establish their own self-worth and bring their personal brand value and expertise to the table. 

You must create your ‘own’ unique position in order to achieve success in the workplace and expand your footprint in the marketplace.

John Mason, author and speaker stated: “We are all born an original but sadly most die a copy.” I do not believe in the ‘me too’ philosophy — true self-worth is found in your own distinctive value, expertise and skill sets.

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The Ideal Client: High-Achievers

My ideal clients are high-achieving women (and enlightened men) who are employedpreneurs, career professionals, seasoned or startup business owners, human resource practitioners and coaches.

My clients are exciting, driven, passionate and above all – high-achievers. They are on the move and they have a big vision for success.  All of my clients are willing to play – but they are also playing to win.

They are prepared to go the extra mile but they want to make every step count. They are looking for big results that include ‘next practices’ that will give them that edge in their career, business and life.

Some have not necessarily stagnated, but they may have professional gaps or under-utilized talents, and they are ready to create their own presence in the workplace or marketplace.

If you are an employedpreneur, seasoned or startup business owner, career professional, human resource practitioner and coach and you want to differentiate yourself, leverage your power and influence, improve your leadership presence and create a life-by-design, I invite you to take the first step which isMake a Radical Decision to Start Now! – Click Here