I would like to welcome you to my website. As a Career, Business & Life Coach, Consultant, Evidence-Based Health & Wellness Practitioner and International Speaker, I enjoy providing coaching, consulting and concentrated training programs to help high-achieving women (like you) be brilliant in their own lane, rock their presence, become the ultimate power player and finally have a life by their own design.

I love utilizing the proven blueprint/strategies from my hallmark program: Get Fit, Stay Fit, Live Fit In Career, Business & Life™ designed to facilitate your overall success and help you have a life by your own design.

This hallmark program incorporates the 360° Live Fit Lifestyle approach – which simply stated: “is the ability to master Growth. achieve Success. maintain Acceleration. in every segment of life so that you can have a well-aligned, happy, rich, fun and fulfilling existence”.

So What Is Lifestyle? It is a way of living the best version of one’s self which is driven by one’sphysical, psychological, social, and economic environments on a day-to-day basis.

So How Is Lifestyle Expressed? It is expressed in our work, leisure behavior patterns, activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and the our income (in other words it’s how the seven segments work together to create your genius).

So What Is Lifestyle Made Of? Lifestyle is a composition of motivation, needs, and wants which are influenced by factors such as desire, culture, family, reference groups and social class. Lifestyle also consists of a person’s self-image, self-concept, the way they see themselves, or the ways they believe others see them.

So a 360° Live Fit Lifestyle is the ‘full circle’ process that consist of simple steps, actions and strategies that one puts in place to achieve an optimum blend among the seven segments of the 360° Live Fit Lifestyle wheel.

So here are the 7 segments of the 360° Live Fit Lifestyle wheel:

  • Mind Fit
  • Relationship Fit
  • Career/Biz Fit
  • Financial Fit
  • Spiritual Fit
  • Nutrition/Body Fit
  • Personal Growth Fit

Remember, a 360° lifestyle is discovering how to find that blend/balance in your life so that all your segments are all working together for complete success and well-being in career, business and life.

The Get Fit, Stay Fit, Live Fit In Career, Business & Life’s hallmark program is designed to show you how to blossom into much more; to be magnificent along the way; to become more extraordinary; to achieve more success and to have a life by your own design.

The 360° Live Fit Lifestyle program is for those who want to keep growing out of themselves so they can evolve into their best possible 360° person. It is that alignment process that is needed in order for all segments to become in sync with each other so one becomes who she is meant to be.

Finally, potential clients usually ask which type of person do I need to help or assist me in achieving the 360° Lifestyle: a Coach, a Consultant or a Therapist?

So here’s what each specialist offers:

The Consultant is an expert in bike riding. The consultant has already mastered the bike riding process and figured out the most efficient way to do it. The consultant will typically assess what you’ve been doing so far and provide you with a detailed plan on how to do it correctly and with a complete step-by-step process. The consultant’s role is to provide you with the ‘how to ride a bike’ answers. The consultant focuses on the problem.

The Therapist is most interested in why you are unable to ride a bike. What’s in your past or childhood that presents a barrier to your learning? The therapist digs in there and works with you to fix it. The therapist will focus on why the problem is there and share what she knows about the process. The therapist wants to see you as successful as possible and is willing to spend time with you. This can be compared to learning by seeing.

The Coach offers a different type of relationship altogether. Coaches do a lot of asking and not much telling. The coach is your champion. The coach will help you achieve your goal of riding a bike by asking thought-provoking questions and shining a light on your strengths. The coach will work with you to tap into what you already know, and help you break through your limiting beliefs or barriers. The coach will run alongside of you holding the bike steady while you’re learning. The coach is cheering you on every step of the way and she will let go of the bike when you’re ready to ride solo. The coach is focused on you.

With that being said, I am a Coach and a Consultant. I also bring a health and wellness component as I am also a certified Evidence-Based Health & Wellness Practitioner (allows me to utilize some of the Therapist’s techniques).

So if you are serious about having a life by your own design – then I am the right person for you and you are on the right website for your next success and growth experience in living a life by your own design.