29.5 Tips – For Being Consistently Successful in Business Growth

29.5 Tips – For Being Consistently Successful in Business Growth

Here are my best 29.5 tips for high-achieving women to be consistently successful in business growth; let me know your thoughts.

  1. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.
  1.   Write down your expected results and a plan to accomplish them.
    3.   Don’t talk about the problem, talk about the solution.
    4.   Be a YOU person, not a ME person.
    5.   Give to get. Give, give and then give.
    6.   It’s better to make 1,000 mistakes than do 0 things perfect.
    7.    Surround yourself with positive ‘people pushers’.
    8.    Don’t EVER compromise your values.
    9.   Always OVER deliver.
    10.   Recognize that ‘NO’ is just an objection to overcome.
    11.   Know your client’s HOT BUTTON.
    12.  Learn to love discomfort. The world’s most successful people spend the most amount of their time OUT of their comfort zone.

13.   Take the responsibility when things go wrong… Give away the credit when things are going right.
14.   Do more than people expect you to do and show your appreciation at all times.
15.   The key to success is to raise your ENERGY. When you do, people will naturally be attracted to you.
16.   Your income can only grow as much as you do… To change the visible, you must change the invisible.
17.  Remember that nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give.

18.  Successful people believe: “I create my life.” Unsuccessful people believe: “life happens to me.” What do you believe?

19.  Rich people are committed to being rich, poor people want to be rich.
20.  The more people you help, the richer you become.
21.  NEVER be the most successful person in your group of friends because people earn within 20% of the income of their closest friend.
22.  The road to success is NEVER the comfortable one.
23.  Work smarter by outsourcing as often as possible.
24.  Create, then delegate.
25.  NEVER wake up to work. Wake up to achieve your life’s dream.
26.  Hire a coach or solutionist. They are a must for growth, success and  acceleration.
27.  Systematize and automate your business in the four key business areas.
28.   Create a business that can run without you.
29.  Go A.P.E. = Appreciation Passion Enthusiasm.

29.5 When you are maintaining your business (e.g. like training clients), you are working IN your business (your job). When you are growing your business, (e.g. marketing and creating systems that run without you), you are working ON your business. Know the difference and spend at least 80% of your time ON the business.

What do you think of these 29.5 Tips To Be Consistently Successful in Business – leave a comment below?

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