High-Achieving Women: 10.5 Business Growth Resolutions – Part 3

As a Master Strategist who works with high-achieving career, business, non-profit women and women in leadership, I always review my personal Growth. Success. Acceleration. Plan every month.

I also always prepare my next year’s plan in November for the upcoming New Year.

I believe that high-achieving women must have work/life blend (it’s 2017 and it’s a must) and I included the work/life blend that I wanted in my strategic acceleration tactics for business growth.

Below are the tactics I have learned over the years of being a successful entrepreneur – rest assured these tactics are part of my Growth. Success. Acceleration. Plan.

In case you missed this two-part series, below are the links to 10:5 Business Growth Resolutions:

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My company’s mantra has always been: “Doing Different Things and Then Doing Things Differently” This mantra has been instrumental in setting us apart as a leader in the area of Growth. Success. Acceleration. for high-achieving women who want to make an impact in their career, business and life.

If you are a career woman, you can also use these same strategies in your corporate role.  Remember for career and businesswomen it’s always about – ‘Results. Uniqueness. Differentiation.’  I call this your RUD.


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