Meet Dr. Laureen

I don’t know how you spend your days, but I spend most of my days working with high-achieving career and businesswomen. I help women like you grow, succeed, and accelerate in career, business and life so they can step into their brilliance, rock their brand and become the ultimate power player.

Most of the women that I work with want to advance their careers, expand their businesses or strengthen their non-profits. In other words, they (hopefully like you) want to leverage, what I call the GSA Factor™  (Growth. Success. Acceleration.).

In case you did not know, there are two things that I really enjoy. The first is speaking at professional groups, associations, organizations, and live events that attract women. My speaking topics are: 1) Growth and Success; 2) Personal/Professional Development; 3) Leadership and Change; 4) Positioning and Visibility; 5) and Executive Presence.

The second thing that I also enjoy is blogging. My most popular blog topics are personal development, leadership and career and business strategies for women in or aspiring to be a C- or E-Suite Woman.

My Ideal Clients

You may be wondering who are my ideal clients – well they are high-achievers who are career professionals, seasoned/start-up business owners, employedpreneurs and non-profit leaders and organizations. What I love best about the individuals that I work with is that they are exciting, driven, passionate and above all – high-achievers. Believe it or not, I am sure they are much like you – on the move with a big vision for Growth. Success. Acceleration.™

Interesting enough, all of my clients are willing to play – but they are also playing to win. They are prepared to go the extra mile, but they want to make every step count. They are looking for key strategies for ‘blueprinting’ their career, business and life. They, like many of you, are looking for big results that incorporate not only those ‘best practices’ but also those ‘next practices’ that will give them a competitive edge in the career arena, the business marketplace, and the non-profit sector.

Also, most of my clients have not necessarily stalled or stagnated, but they do have ‘professional gaps’, ‘knowledge gaps’ or ‘under-utilized’ business or non-profit talents, or they are ready to create their ‘own’ brand presence in the workplace or marketplace (Does this sound like you?).

What I Offer

Over the years, I have built an awesome strategies and solutions platform that is designed to help high-achieving career professionals, seasoned/startup business owners, employedpreneurs, non-profit leaders and organizations. I hope that as you review my offerings below, you will find those opportunities that will help you achieve your ‘stretch’ goals in your career, business or non-profit:

The Early Years

I was like many of my clients (and probably you as well) who are still working in Corporate America with the desire to move up the ladder – until I discovered how to ‘leap’.

I know what it’s like to give your best — only to receive little or no recognition. I understand what it is like to have big dreams and I remember working countless hours through the years of being what I call an Employedpreneur (8 to 5 an employee and nights and weekends an entrepreneur).

But I also know what it is like to advance the corporate ladder, to hold a mid-management position and then to have the opportunity to walk away and start my own consulting and coaching practice. I learned how to maximize my self-worth and then create my own definition of success and wealth.

After leaving Corporate America, I remember the struggles much like you remember your challenges that relate to starting and growing a business or non-profit – until I invented the GSA Factor™.

I understand the struggles that come with new business/non-profit ownership, identifying the ideal client, marketing and growing a business/non-profit. I know the challenges that come with operating a business or running a non-profit.

But I also know how to grow a successful company/non-profit, increase the visibility and then position the company/non-profit to be the leaders in their respective industries – it’s based on the concept that ‘Results are Everything’™.


Meet Dr. Laureen

What About Now

I am still working with high-achieving women (and men) who want Growth. Success. Acceleration.™ so they can advance their careers or expand their businesses.

I enjoy working with employedpreneur women (an employee from 8 to 5 and entrepreneur nights and weekends) who want to change their direction, leave Corporate America or optimize their entire lifestyle.

If you operate a non-profit, I can help your organization become fundable, get established and visible while showing you how to build strong collaborative relationships and donor support. I also provide board training and development strategies to your board of directors and staff.

Additionally I provide training, positioning and visibility services to child and adult daycare directors and staff. 

As a Speaker, Strategist and Solutionist, I am the CEO of Dr. Laureen International, the Achiever’s Academy, the Achievers Women’s Association, and the Achievers’ Magazine. I am also the author of the Amazon best seller: Fit, Fine & Fabulous in Career, Business & Life.

My parent company is located in Houston, TX with a sister location in Dallas, TX and Baton Rouge, LA. I am on the board of the Houston National Speaker Association, a leadership team member for eWomen Network (Houston chapter) and a consulting CFO to a 1.5 million dollar non-profit program.

I volunteered at a food pantry for over three years, and I mentor aspiring high school girls and young college women. 

Every year I donate, $10,000 (in-kind services) to one or two non-profits or one or two new women-owned businesses. 

My favorite word is:  HOPE – Help Other People Everyday.


What I Believe And Live By

I believe that I have been given dreams several sizes too big —- so that I can grow into them (what about you). I also believe that in order for high-achievers to have Growth. Success. Acceleration.™ they must be willing to make a ‘radical decision’ be different from the pack, have a unique platform and a visible presence.

My ‘live by’ motto is: “Operate in an ‘Always Be’ Mode – Always Be Learning, Always Be Improving, Always Be Growing and Always Be Giving.”

My company’s signature mantra is: Doing Different Things And Then Doing Things Differently™.


Meet Dr. Laureen

Accolades Received

2014 Stiletto Women In Business Award
2013 Amazon Best Seller Author
2011-2012 Trademark Who’s Who
2010 Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women Award
2010 NAWBO Houston’s Woman Business Owner of the Year Finalist Award
2009 Texas Blazing Star Finalist Award
2008 Top 25 Influential Women of Houston Award
2008 YMCA of Greater Houston Minority Achievers Award
2007 Stevie® Award Winner (Mentor of the Year)
2007 Pinnacle Business Finalist Award


What I Enjoy

Working out with my personal trainer * anything chocolate * roses, lilies and orchids * honesty * Mexican food * soft music * a beautiful home * boxing * healthy living * romantic movies * bible study * reading * appreciation * classic white shirts * beautiful shoes * the beauty in others * integrity * hearing the excitement in my clients’ voices * learning to play the piano * traveling * an awesome lifestyle * Achievers VIP Breakthrough Days * did I already mention anything chocolate?