About Dr. Laureen

My Ideal Clients

You may be wondering who are my ideal clients – well they are high-achievers from all walks of life. What I love most about the individuals that I work with is they tend to be exciting, driven, passionate and above all – high-achievers. Believe it or not, I am sure they are much like you – on the move with a big vision for Growth. Success. Acceleration.™ and a desire to have a healthy, well-blended lifestyle.

Interesting enough, most of my clients are willing to play bigger – but they are also playing to win. They are prepared to go the extra mile, but they want to make every step count. They, like many of you, are looking for big results that incorporate not only those ‘best practices’ but also those ‘next practices’ that will give them a competitive edge in how to Get Fit, Stay Fit, Live Fit in Career, Business & Life.

I also have clients that want to implement the Get Fit, Stay Fit, Live Fit in Career, Business & Life, but need a little encouragement, or a step-by-step blueprint, or possibly a mindset change to fully accept the transformation.


What I Believe And Live By

I believe that I have been given dreams several sizes too big —- so that I can grow into them: what about you? I also believe that in order for high-achievers to have Growth. Success. Acceleration.™ they must be willing to make a ‘radical decision’ to be different from the pack, have a unique platform and a visible presence – in other words they must be wiling to Get Fit, Stay Fit, Live Fit in Career, Business & Life.


Meet Dr. Laureen

Accolades Received

2014 Stiletto Women In Business Award
2013 Amazon Best Seller Author
2011-2012 Trademark Who’s Who
2010 Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women Award
2010 NAWBO Houston’s Woman Business Owner of the Year Finalist Award
2009 Texas Blazing Star Finalist Award
2008 Top 25 Influential Women of Houston Award
2008 YMCA of Greater Houston Minority Achievers Award
2007 Stevie® Award Winner (Mentor of the Year)
2007 Pinnacle Business Finalist Award


What I Enjoy

Working out with my personal trainer * anything chocolate * roses, lilies and orchids * honesty * Mexican food * soft music * a beautiful home * boxing * healthy living * romantic movies * bible study * reading * appreciation * classic white shirts * beautiful shoes * the beauty in others * integrity * hearing the excitement in my clients’ voices * learning to play the piano * traveling * an awesome lifestyle * Achievers VIP Breakthrough Days * did I already mention anything chocolate?

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