Achievers Women’s Association

Welcome to the Achievers Women’s Association

Welcome to the Achievers Women’s Association. Our mantra:

Results Are Everything!

If you are looking for massive results in your career, business or life – now is the time to become a member of the Achievers Women’s Association. If you are a career professional, seasoned/startup business owner, employedpreneur or a non-profit leader – this association is just what you need!

Here’s how it works.  Once a month, you’ll be on the phone with me and my team of Growth. Success. Acceleration Experts.  We will cover:

Tip Booklet

  • Success Principles
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication
  •  Leadership
  • Professional Growth
  • Networking Strategies 
  • Training & Mentoring 
  • Revenue Strategies
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Growth Strategies
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Business Technology


Here’s what included in the Achievers Women’s Association membership package:

  • MONTHLY ACHIEVERS CALL with Dr. Laureen and the team of experts.
  • ACTION WORKSHEET/EXERCISE to use during and after the call to help you better retain and implement what you learned.
  • ACHIEVERS RESOURCE LIST (only for member of AWA).
  • TIP BOOKLET – Thrive in Your Career, Business, and Life (free to member of AWA).


Remember for career and businesswomen it’s always about – Results. Uniqueness. Differentiation.™

I know that sometimes you might have a scheduling conflict. As a member, you can download the full recording and the action worksheets/exercises anytime. This way you don’t have to be concerned about adjusting your scheduling.

Yes, Dr. Laureen, I’d like to become a member of the Achievers Women’s Association for just $19.97 a month!

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And yes, you can cancel at anytime. Just let me know via phone or email, and any future charges will be immediately canceled. Don’t wait — get started now

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