Business Operations Manager Certification

DrLaureenStory The Business Operations Manager Certification (BOMC) is designed for businesswomen and employedpreneurs who want to become certified as a business operations manager, which will allow you to work with women-owned businesses.

I have found that the BOMC can be a true game-changer for your lifestyle and career. The BOMC is designed to offer a versatile mix of learning components to enrich your professional skills and business acumen.

In fact, much of what I do for my high-achieving women (and men) clients is a result of this certification.

If you are looking for more career flexibility or if you are passionate about delivering business results as a profession, the BOMC is just for you. The BOMC is designed for you to create a business on your own terms and schedule, drive positive outcomes to other high-achieving women, and build a career and a lifestyle that you love.

Beyond management and communication training you will have a unique opportunity to develop your own unique leadership style while continuing the robust personal development and functional training curriculum that the BOMC offers. You will learn how to transform your talents into strengths and become a more effective manager and leader.

The BOMC is a unique combination of tele-classes, hands-on instructions, worksheets, exercises, Skype one-on-one, Q&A, course readings and skills enhancement initiatives.

If you decide that you would like to become a Certified Business Operations Manager, submit your information on the form below. You will receive, throughout the application process, the FAQ, Program Outline/Components, Application, Investment Agreement and the Welcome Packet.

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