Corporate Business Manager Certification

DrLaureenStoryThe Corporate Business Manager Certification (CBMC) is designed for high-achieving career or businesswomen.

These high-achieving women want to become certified as a Corporate Business Manager in order to enhance their current career, switch careers, move up the corporate ladder or obtain additional skillsets that will put them in line for a corporate management position.

As you know, having a certification is paramount in order for you to be successful in your career.  You need to continually improve your existing skills as well as acquire new ones – what better way than through a certification.

The CBMC is designed to deliver what companies need most: outstanding leaders who can improve corporate performance and ensure that the company has a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Additionally the CBMC is designed to help you hone your values, enhance your skills, and increase your confidence.

When you have a CBMC, you will become the career person you truly desire by having lifelong management skills, better knowledge of your industry and self-improvement tactics for higher self-worth (which will place you in the upper level of your career and  allows for continuous promotions and recognition).

This CBMC is designed to provide the functional skills so that you can gain a well-rounded perspective that is critical to effective communication and leadership skills which cross work-related boundaries and contribute to a successful corporate business manager’s role.

The CBMC is a unique combination of tele-classes, hands-on instructions, worksheets, exercises, Skype one-on-one, Q&A, course readings and skills enhancement initiatives.

If you decide that you would like to become a Certified Corporate Business Manager, submit your information on the form below. You will receive, throughout the application process, the FAQ, Program Outline/Components, Application, Investment Agreement and the Welcome Packet.

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