Achiever’s VIP Breakthrough Days

If you are wondering what an Achiever’s VIP Breakthrough Day is – well it is the time that you spend with Dr. Laureen working on strategies and solutions for solving a specific problem or achieving a specific result for your career, business, or non-profit.

In fact the Achiever’s Breakthrough VIP Days are the best way to move forward with great impact, more knowledge, and a lot of clarity, commitment and consistency.

The Achiever’s Breakthrough VIP Days provide high-achieving women (and men) with a well-formulated plan of action that allows you to have Growth. Success. Acceleration.™ —- almost immediately.

Studies have shown that when there is a concentrated focus on a specific situation for a highly focused period of time, the results, outcomes, and solutions are phenomenal.

As a visionary, Dr. Laureen can immediately see how your outcome or result will look when it’s operating at optimum level. She knows how to simplify the career success path; the business-building journey and the funding opportunities of a non-profit in order to save you years of slow, perplexing, and un-productive growth.

As soon as Dr. Laureen learns more about what you offer or what you want to accomplish, she immediately visualizes all of your products, book(s), coaching and consulting programs, live events, speaking engagements, new funding opportunities and career path to get you on the journey to your GSA Factor™.

The Achiever’s Breakthrough VIP Days are unique and different.  Dr. Laureen’s focus is always on The GSA Factor: Growth. Success. Acceleration™.

She differentiates her breakthrough approach by ‘doing different things and then doing things differently’™, by providing in-depth strategies and measurable solutions, and by delivering not only the ‘best practices’ but the ‘next practices’ as well.

She is offering the following Achiever’s Breakthrough VIP Days – just click on your choice (below) to find out more and start your Breakthrough VIP Day’s journey to Growth. Success. Acceleration™.