Do You Know How to Become The ‘Go To’ Expert?

Here’s some proven tips that will allow you to maximize your business results, move from trading hours for dollars, becoming the ‘go-to’ expert and the obvious choice in your niche.3h

1. Productize. Remember, your time and your knowledge are the most valuable things you can sell.  You need to make the most of your expertise and your brand.

Maximize your profit by polishing and packaging your brilliance.

2. Promote. Utilize every marketing tool possible to let your niche know that you exist.

You can utilize your website, blog, newsletters, teleseminars, blog talk radio, webinars, article marketing, pay per click advertising, joint ventures, forums, podcasting’s and videos.

Don’t forget the offline techniques of public speaking, press releases, conferences, direct mail and networking events. [Continue reading…]

What Are The Success Tips For Business Growth?

3gAs a Career, Business & Lifestyle Solutionist, I coach women entrepreneurs from business startup through business growth and business expansion.  Inevitably I am always asked: “what are thosestrategic success tips for business growth?”

Here are my six best responses if you want to be successful and experience strategic acceleration and growth in business:

1. Overhaul your business growth and marketing plan. Dust off your business and marketing plan and get rid of any assumptions you may have made twelve to eighteen months ago.

Now roll up your sleeves, do the math and zero in on the best strategies to grab your market share and win new business relationship and new client relationships.

When you create solid benchmarks and measure your results often – you will improve your performance.

2. Keep what works. Whatever paid off last year is worth investing more time, money and resources this year especially if the target audience and growth potential still exists.

Ask yourself: What were your top-selling product(s) or service(s), and how can you get your clients/customers to want more and buy more?

What money-saving strategies impacted your bottom line? What are your clients and customers raving about? [Continue reading…]

Women Business Owners: The Things That Equate to More Money – Part 2?

part 2

In part 1 of Women Business Owners: The Things That Equate to More Money, I discussed the crucial things that you should have in writing. I have found that most business owners put their family, friends, health and everything else that matters on the back burner and latter they end up regretting some of their choices. When […]

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Women Business Owners: The Things That Equate to More Money – Part 1?

Part 1

As a Career, Business & Lifestyle Solutionist, I receive calls several times a year from new women business owners.  They begin by telling me all the positive things they’ve heard about me. Okay, so I’m flattered. They continue the conversation by describing their business venture and stating that they want to ‘pick my brain’ followed […]

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