Blueprint for Prosperity – 16.5 Tips

Blueprint for Prosperity - 16.5 Tips

Financially successful people aren’t lucky, or endowed with any special gift for making money.  But what they do have (besides hard work and persistence) is a skill set completely focused on being professionally successful.  You too can create personal wealth. It’s possible to meet your financial goals.

The tips for building the blocks for success that I share with my high-achieving women clients are:

1.    Begin with a good idea.
2.    Develop a big compelling vision and a compelling story.
3.    Define your bold money goals and the lifestyle you want to have.
4.    Develop a wealthy and prosperous mindset.
5.    Have a clear strategy for the big vision, bold money goals and lifestyle.
6.    Define your niche and marketing platform.
7.    Build your business and personal brand based on your vision, strengths and expertise.
8.    Build an awesome dream team.
9.    Build a community of raving fans.
10.    Develop a one-to-many business model.
11.    Automate and systematize.
12.    Align yourself with opportunities.
13.    Be willing to become a mentor and a protégé.
14.    Build long-term assets.
15.    Expect the unexpected – plan for a crisis.
16.    Keep abreast of trends and changes in your industry.
16.5.    Learn from yesterday, focus on today and prepare for tomorrow. Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some things will work. You do more of what works.

Remember that making money isn’t rocket science.  But it is hard work.  Too many people want to make more money and don’t do anything about it.

Besides having a dream, you must have a goal and be passionate about it, obtain specific knowledge, and create a timeline to make your dreams happen!

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As a reminder, for career and businesswomen it’s always about – ‘Results. Uniqueness. Differentiation.’ I call this your ‘RUD’.

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