Businesswomen: How to Build Marketing Momentum – Part 1

Businesswomen: How to Build Marketing Momentum – Part 1

I received a call recently from Shelly a former client and high-achieving businesswoman.  Shelly started a coaching company several years ago.

Her company is doing very well and she has carved out a great niche.

Shelly is thinking about expanding her company within the next 12 months and she wanted to know how to build more of a marketing momentum.

I told Shelly to start by educating the people who already 1) know her, 2) like her, and 3) trust her.

Everyone who knows about what you do should be educated about how they can refer business to you. I also suggested that she look at ways to create referral relationships. Start by connecting with other high-achieving businesswomen so you can refer work back and forth to one another.

I also told Shelly that she should:

  1. Position herself to network more strategically.
  1. Connect with the right people who can help her achieve her business growth goals.
  1. Create a lot of visibility through social media and other on- and off-line networking resources.

The fact is that consistent, effective marketing creates more awareness. It creates awareness of the problems that you solve and whom you solve the problems for. Then, when people who are looking for those solutions know what you have to offer, you become the natural choice and hiring you is almost automatic.

Remember, when you maintain a 1) full practice of clients, 2) have referral sources, 3) a social media presence, and 4) off-line relationships; you will create a consistent and reliable income stream month after month.

As a reminder, marketing momentum is part of the GSAfactor (master Growth. achieve Success. maintain Acceleration.)

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series on building marketing momentum.


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