Businesswomen: How to Build Marketing Momentum – Part 3

Businesswomen: How to Build Marketing Momentum – Part 3

In today marketplace, the customer has changed.  Today customers research their problems, the potential solutions and the buying criteria online before they ever engage with any company.

They search for content on the Internet, in social media, on YouTube, and any other platform that has information that might be useful.  They are using their personal computers, smartphones and tablets – so they are well informed – when they decide to choose a company for products or services.

These potential customers connect with relevant people who have actionable content and proven results.

As a Master Strategist who works with high-achieving career, business, non-profit women and women in leadership, I believe that you must have a strategy to gain marketing momentum and a way for people to 1) find you, 2) like you and 3) do business with you.

In case you missed this two-part series on how to build marketing momentum, below are the links:

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My company’s mantra has always been: “Doing Different Things and Then Doing Things Differently” This mantra has been instrumental in setting us apart as a Master Strategist and Coach in the area of Growth. Success. Acceleration.


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