Five Factors On ‘How To’ Grow Your Business

Five Factors On ‘How To’ Grow Your Business

I have discovered that the growth of a successful high-achieving woman’s business is determined by the following five factors:

  1. Total Market Potential

How much will you spent marketing to your audience?  What is the depth of your current market penetration?  How many dollars remain on the table because your marketing efforts are not on target for your products or services?

  1. Message Development

 How well do you tell your story? Do you even have a story?

  1. Social Media Plan

How efficiently are your ad dollars being spent? Are you promoting you and your services effectively? What are other options.

  1. Competitive Environment

 How good are your competitors at what they do compared to you?

  1. Competency

 How good are you? Is your expertise on point for the products or services you offer?


These five things are definitely something to think about and then act upon in order to grow your business!!!


  1. Continue to perfect your leadership skills!
  2. Activate your Growth, Success. Acceleration.
  3. Remember for career and businesswomen, it’s always about RUDResults. Uniqueness. Differentiation.


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