Great Apps for Administrative Productivity and Organization

Great Apps for Administrative Productivity and Organization

Most high-achieving women need to be productive and organized wherever you go. But hauling around your laptop 24/7 isn’t exactly practical. The solution? Smartphone apps! Here are my 10 favorite apps.

  1. To-Do List Apps: Enter your habits, tasks, and hobbies into a to-do list app such as SuperNoteWunderlistor Timeful. Timeful will suggest the optimal time to complete them. This smart app even ‘learns’ your schedule and adapts to your busy and available times.
  1. Project Management Apps: Teamworkis a favored project management app. You can update statuses, track time and tasks, and get real-time updates on all your projects. Some others you may want to research include TrelloAsana, and Basecamp.
  1. Virtual Meeting Apps: On my team we use GoToMeetingSkype, and Facetime to meet ‘face-to-face’ using technology. Chat by phone or video conferencing, record meetings, and share screens to keep each other up to date, even if we are world’s apart!
  1. Cloud-Based File Storage:  If you need to access your work from any device, anywhere? DropboxBox, or OneDrivemay be the solution. Update, backup, and share files with your boss or your team – no flash drives needed!
  1. Note Taking Apps: A note-taking solution, such as Evernoteor OneNote, makes it easy to organize, capture, and share just about everything. Work from anywhere on any device and capture everything in one handy digital notebook.
  1. Travel Planning Apps: Whether you’re the one traveling, or simply attempting to get your boss from point A to point B, travel planning apps can be a life saver. Tripit, is one of my personal favorite, creates a mobile itinerary available at the tap of your screen. Just forward your confirmation emails to the app (hotel, rental car, airline tickets, etc.), and Tripit will organize them all in one place including directions between locations. Others to use are SeatGuru, or GateGuru.
  2. Currency Converter Apps: Try using Convert Pad. It quickly converts any currency, but it goes a step beyond by converting measurements, too (inches to centimeters, kilometers to miles, etc.)

There are a lot of free currency converter apps available, so search for the one that is simplest to use for your specific needs.

  1. Time Zone Converter Apps: Time zones can be tricky, especially if you or your executive is working virtually from another state or country. Try Time Zone Converter by TimeAndDate.

Another cool one is World Time Buddy. It not only lets you check the time in any part of the world, it also shows you color-coded business hours in your specified time zone, making it easier to schedule meeting times.

  1. iBooks, Kindle, or Other eReader Apps: Want to catch up on the latest industry trends on your lunch break or finally finish that novel on a long flight? Don’t lug your entire library with you.

Obviously an eReader makes your bookshelf portable and saves space in your briefcase or carry-on bag.

The days of being tied to a desk or a computer are definitely long gone. With these apps, productivity and organization are literally at your fingertips.

Take a few minutes to explore the app store for solutions you need, and turn your smartphone into a productivity powerhouse!

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