High-Achievers: Can You Improve the Overall Quality of Your Life

Did you know that you can improve the overall quality of your life? It can be improved in different ways, but there is one thing all positive changes have in common: it’s efficiency.

So, can you improve the overall quality of your life – the answer is yes. So many high-achievers and high-achieving women have improved their career, business and life just because they became more efficient not to mention more productive.

So it is time to start taking actions towards boosting the efficiency of your living.

The following 10 tips are designed to help you improve the overall quality of your life – these are tips that have worked for me.

1.Develop better time-management skills.

You can’t do too many things at once. When you’re writing a very important report, you can’t do the research for another project or check your Facebook notifications at the same time.

The key principle of proper time-management is prioritizing. Just remember, as soon as you start organizing your time according to priorities, you’ll notice a great improvement in your overall productivity.

 2. Have a plan!

If you don’t make a daily, weekly or monthly plan, how will you be able to measure your efficiency? Start by making a neat plan based on your priorities (I always prepare a weekly plan). This list will serve as a constant reminder that you have work to do.

If you just create the plan in your mind, you won’t feel guilty when you don’t stick to it. Use a smartphone app, paper, Word document, or a virtual diary to house your plan.

You can also make a Stop Doing list. You certainly have bad habits you want to get rid of (at least I do). Write them down. When you have a clear reminder of your less than desirable bad habits – you’ll want to change them.

3. Evaluate yourself!

Take the time to think about the things you do well, as well as the aspects of your character that might need improvement.

Do a recap of the day before you go to sleep. Did you spend too much time on a particular task? Were you prone to distractions? Don’t forget to take notes of these impressions. This will help you evaluate your capacity and plan the next day properly.

When you can’t complete certain tasks effectively, you’ll need to look for a solution. One of the solutions could be delegation. When someone else can do the task better than you, it would be best to delegate part of your workload and focus on the other tasks on your list.

4. Stay healthy!

If your mind is not sharp and your body is not healthy, you can’t expect to achieve the greatest levels of efficiency in your career, business or life.

In order to stay healthy, eat energizing food, exercise, get the right amount of sleep and make sure to freshen up your mind with positive thoughts.

5. Make some order!

Did you know that mess creates stress? You can’t remember where you put certain things – so you waste time looking for certain things.

If you have order in your surroundings, it will immediately reflect itself on your overall efficiency and productivity.

6. Realize your big goal!

Don’t limit yourself to a daily to-do list. Have a life plan! You can say you’ve achieved the ultimate level of efficiency when you reach your main goals within a reasonable timeframe.

Set your great goals and ask yourself: what are you doing each and every day to get closer to them? You can use a simple notebook or an online journal like Penzu to keep track of your big goals. I personally use a journal – handwriting my tasks makes me more accountable everyday.

7. It’s okay to say no!

When you know you can’t take the load of an additional task, just say no! You don’t need to care too much about other people’s opinion of you. If you want to be efficient, you have to prioritize and do only those things that push you towards your goal.

I have found that it’s great to do favors for your friends. It’s not great if those actions push you off schedule. Your main focus should be your own productivity.

8. Don’t wait until the last moment.

You can’t call yourself efficient if you’re late with everything and anything. Plan anything and everything in advance and try to stay on schedule. Make it a point to be early – this ensures that you will always be on time. You should be especially careful when it comes to your professional appointments.

9. Leave time for yourself.

The increased level of efficiency should have a very clear goal: improving the quality of your life. If you’re efficient just so you can do more work, you’ll end up working throughout your life without having a clear vision about your career, business, family and social values.

Schedule time for some rest. Have a hobby, enjoy family and friends and follow your dreams!

10. Level up!

Self-improvement is an important aspect of productivity. If you want to be content with yourself and your choices, you need to enlarge your scope or vision.

Don’t stay in or at the same place; travel and experience as many cultures as you can. Read as many books as possible, do something you always wanted to do, and overcome some of your greatest fears.

Just step up and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn and grow from your experiences and always thrive to level up!

Remember that the time you have is a non-renewable resource. Are you going to waste it or use it to your advantage? Think about your goals, intentions and then start doing something to achieve them – it’s time to level up in your career, business and life.

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