High-Achievers: How to Communicate Clearly

High-Achievers: How to Communicate Clearly

As a high-achiever, have you ever wondered how to communicate clearly, well you first need to acknowledge that different people understand ideas better through different mediums and methods of communication.

Some people will learn better through lectures, written instruction, one-on-one instruction, visualization or hands-on approaches. Therefore, it is very important to recognize which methods you learn and understand best.

Things to ponder: do you understand instructions better when they are written or presented through a one-on-one tutorial? Perhaps it may be through a combination of methods such as lectures, hands-on approaches or the use of audios.

Below is a quick way to determine what style of learning may work best for you.

When consuming content from the Internet, which of the following do you prefer:

a.) Reading an article
b.) Listening to a podcast
c.) Watching a video
d.) Looking at an infographic
e.) Experimenting with a technique and then discussing it on a message board or social media

You may find that you prefer multiple approaches to consuming content effectively. For example, reading alone may not work best for you; however. reading an article that has short videos clips sprinkled throughout may be ideal for you.

Once you know your best way to learn, it’s easy to see that others, such as your team members, or business partners, will need different channels for you to communicate to them.

Start by offering instructions and descriptions through written and verbal communication – or possibly a combination of sensors: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

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