High-Achieving Women: How to Become More Approachable

High-Achieving Women: How to Become More Approachable

When I think about high-achieving women, I also think about their techniques of how to become more approachable. It is part of their Growth. Success. Acceleration.Ô process.

For example, you don’t have to try to be the ‘cool’ boss or be anyone’s best friend, however there are simple ways to become a more approachable boss.

Start by smiling and greeting your employees when you see them for the first time during the workday. From that point on, always smile, make eye contact or give a gesture of some sort. This simply shows that you acknowledge them and even though you may be running to a meeting or a conference call – you still see them as important.

The next step to becoming a more ‘approachable’ boss is to keep your office door open at all times (unless you’re in a private meeting or on a call). Often times managers, business owners and bosses will ask: ‘then how am I supposed to get anything done if people can freely barge in’? Well, if an employee is going to the boss with a question, it is obviously something that needs to get done – so you make time.

The final step is to respond to emails as quickly as possible. You may not even be able to get to them within the same day, or within two days, but you must make sure that you respond to every email that your employees and partners send to you. Ignoring employee emails shows that you don’t deem your employees’ questions as important.

Being a great leader means being approachable, committed and honest. You can appear more approachable by keeping your office door open and you can show your commitment by being the first one in the office and the last to leave the office.

Career and businesswomen and women in leadership know the importance of being honest with their employees by following through on what you say they will do.

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