High-Achieving Women: The Importance of a Vision Statement

High-Achieving Women: The Importance of a Vision Statement

Most high-achieving woman know the importance of a vision statement for their small business. These women in leadership are also aware that it can be accomplished in several ways. It can be for a particular segment, department or product of their business such as: 1) how your customer service program will operate, 2) how you can use packaging to enhance your product, or 3) how to implement a membership discount program that customers will love.

A vision statement can also be for your ‘overall’ business objective(s) which will help you have continued Growth. Success. Acceleration.Ô

Below are a few questions you can ask yourself for developing a vision statement for your small business.

  • What problem am I solving in people’s lives with this vision?
  • What needs of my customers am I fulfilling?
  • Will this change people’s lives?
  • Could it possibly save someone’s life? If so, how?
  • Has anyone ever done anything like this? If yes, who was it? How long ago was it done? How did customers, competitors and partners react? If no, why hasn’t anyone done this?
  • What personality traits does this vision capture?
  • Does this vision position my company as being charitable, personable, innovative, playful?

Once you have further developed your vision statement you can give it a timeframe. Predict where your vision will be, what the reaction will be, and how it will impact your company and customers in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

If you’re having trouble developing your vision – or coming up with one at all – look at the vision statements of other successful companies. What is or was their vision? How did they pursue it and communicate it?

Think about a great experience you had with another company. Did you buy an electronic device and find that it was 100% charged right out of the box so you could use it immediately?

Did the printer you recently purchased have a neat infographic that explained 30 pages of instructions in one easy to understand chart? Think about these great experiences and what they made you think about that company and how that company has impacted your life.

It’s easier to share your vision if it is clear to you. Creating a written document for your vision is helpful, but it wouldn’t be a vision without some visuals.

Sketching your products, office, services on your website can help you showcase where your business is headed. You can also incorporate written text into this visual representation because people often learn best through a combination of visuals and texts.

Make sure that whatever the finished piece you’re putting your vision statement into only takes about 2 minutes to view, read and understand. From here, develop a 2-minute description that you can recite which relays the vision for your business. This is what is sometimes called an ‘elevator pitch’.

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As a reminder, for career and businesswomen it’s always about – ‘Results. Uniqueness. Differentiation.’ I call this your ‘RUD’.


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