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Sample Introduction

Dr. Laureen normally creates a custom introduction for each group. Here is an example of a basic introduction:

Dr. Laureen Wishom is known as a Career, Business & Lifestyle Strategist and Solutionist. She is on a mission to get high-achievers prepared for mastering Growth, achieving Success and maintaining Acceleration in career and business because of what she experienced while defining her definition of success (her story). She’s an award-winning speaker and Amazon best selling author who enlightens career professionals, business owners, professional groups, organizations and companies on the importance of 1) growth and success, 2) personal development, 3) leadership and change, and 4) positioning and visibility.

Dr. Laureen has 20-years corporate and business experience in the areas of training, marketing, leadership, personal development and visibility. For the past ten years, Dr. Laureen has developed proprietary packages, certifications programs and creative solutions and innovative presentations for motivating people to thrive in leadership, change, visibility, growth, and success.

She believes that Growth. Success. Acceleration.™ happens when you are willing to make some radical decisions and be different from the pack by ‘doing different things and then doing things differently’™.

Today, Dr. Laureen’s presentation is entitled: _________________________

Ladies and gentlemen Dr. Laureen Wishom

Pre-program Questionnaire

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Stage Setup

What is the best way to set up the room?

  • A platform is preferred if you have more than 100 people. This will give the audience a clear, unobstructed view of Dr. Laureen during her presentation.
  • Dr. Laureen will not be speaking from a lectern. If the AV requires the computer on stage, a small table works. If it is necessary to have a lectern on the stage or platform in order to facilitate the needs of the previous or following speaker, please have it moved to the back of the platform for Dr. Laureen’s presentation.


A/V Needs

  • Wireless lavaliere microphone
  • You will provide an LCD Projector with the capacity to play audio and video and large screen or screens.
  • Dr. Laureen will bring her own MacBook Pro. She will use it for her PowerPoint presentation along with sound. She will also bring the VGA adapter and slide advancer. Dr. Laureen sometimes use music in here presentation.


Audio / Video Recording

No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Dr. Laureen’s prior written permission.


Meeting Follow-up

  • Testimonial Letter. If I delivered the experience you were looking for, I would appreciate a letter from you. It would help us in developing our on-going relationship efforts.
  • Referrals. I would like two (2) potential client referrals that you believe could benefit from my products and services. If possible, I would like for you to call the referrals and discuss your successful experience. Please send me the name, address and phone number for the individuals or companies you recommend I contact.
  • Evaluation. Please provide us any summaries of evaluation data.
  • Phone Follow-up. Please expect a follow-up phone call from Cglasco, at my office.

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