Achievers’ Connection Series

Achievers’ Connection Series

Welcome to the Achievers Connection Series for High-Achieving Career and Business Women.


Who We Are: We are a venue for innovative and enlightened high-achieving women who want to Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

This connection series is one of the few private series for high-achieving career and business women. Our interactive platform is designed to inspire, enhance, empower and encourage women of all ethnicities.

The women who are part of this series are high-achievers who want to fulfill their purpose, advance their careers, grow their businesses, enhance their self-worth and increase their net-worth through a series of interactions and relationships.

This series is a place for high-achieving women to step up to a ‘whole new level’, focus not only on those ‘best practices’ but those ‘next practices’ that are groundbreaking and imaginative enough to push that woman to becoming a change-maker in her career, business and life.

What We Offer: We focus on power and influence, leadership presence, work-life blend, healthy life-by-design and game-changing strategies for long-term Growth. Success. Acceleration.™

What We Value: To live in a world where women are challenged to authentically express themselves so they can build a thriving, prosperous, sustainable career, business and life.

To mature in a world where women take full proprietorship of who they are; what they can step into by being the leaders they are purposed to become; and where they can magnify their voices, beliefs and positions to powerfully inspire and impact the lives of other women.

To be proactive in lending a helping hand, closing the gaps, and spearheading the transformations and makeovers that will take place in their careers, companies, communities, non-profits and the world.


Next Step…

Here’s what is included: light hors d’oeuvres, complimentary parking and the perfect private setting for ‘learning and achieving more’ with the opportunity to Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.™

To attend our quarterly series, – space is limited!


Where would you be this time next year if you attend the Achievers’ Connection Series?


Dr. Laureen: The launch of the Achievers’ Connection Series was an intimate gathering of big thinkers with a pay it forward mindset! I was energized and excited about the experience and look forward to future events! -Felicia J. Scott, Ph.D.


Dr. Pennington: I just met with Dr. Laureen! Fabulous!!! We hit it off right away and she has just the advice, perspective, experience and wisdom that I need. I am SO looking forward to working with her! Thank you so much!!!! -Blessings, Lynn Carpenter


Dr. Laureen: Thank you for sharing the valuable information regarding LinkedIn at the Achievers Connection Series. Social media is definitely my weak spot, so your advice is vey much appreciated -Eileen Collins


Dr. Laureen, It was great attending the Achievers Connection Series! I learned some great new strategies and met a wonderful new group of High-Achieving Women!! -Angela

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