Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your programs?
My programs can be structured to meet your needs – from 30 minutes to a full day. I can also provide multiple programs over several days.

How do you tailor your programs?
As soon as you decide that I’m the right speaker for your event, I start doing my homework/research (e.g. trade journals, newsletters, your website, annual reports, etc.). I study your website and ask you for information about your company or organization.  Additionally, I also ask some specific questions designed to help me understand your audience.

I create the program to reflect the key points that you want addressed, then integrate the information that I’ve collected in my research, and add appropriate stories, illustrations, and humor from my background and experience. The outcome is a unique result-oriented program that is just right for your group.

One of the best compliments I get from clients and audience members is, “You really understood us; it was as if you worked right alongside of us every day.”

Are you funny?
Most of my audiences seem to think I have so humor. I don’t consider myself a humorist, but humor and fun are part of my message and my presentations. When people are enjoying the process, they tend to learn better.

How could we use you for our organization?
At meetings, special events and conventions.  I am often used as the speaker for a luncheon, a breakout session or the keynote for the main event.

In a corporate setting, I provide training for managers and staff and I can speak  at management retreats, employee recognition events, awards banquets, or only special company events.

Does it matter how many people are in the audience?
No. I work with and speak to groups of all sizes.

Are you one of those demanding, difficult, egotistical speakers?
Absolutely not!  An important part of my job is to make your job easy. My goal is to make our working together a relaxed, pleasant, enjoyable experience.

How do we get started?
Give us a call. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Call direct: 281.507.1919 or email:

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