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Nearly two decades ago, I became what I define as an Employedpreneur (an employee from 8 to 5 and nights and weekends an entrepreneur). I started my own company, Dr. Laureen International, while working for my employer at that time.

Ten years later, I personally saved my employer nearly a million dollars – due to my negotiating skills in the training and development arena.

Later that year, I received a performance review and was told that I did an exceptional job and I would receive a 3% pay increase. I was devastated and appalled that my employer felt I was only worth 3% (especially since none of my predecessors had ever saved the company that amount of money through negotiations).

I made a ‘radical decision’ that by the end of the next year; I would walk away from corporate America and manage my own company full-time versus nights and weekends.

In mid next year, I was diagnosed with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. I was told that within the next five-to-ten years I would be wheelchair bound with limited use of my hands and neck. Despite the health challenges, I still left corporate America as planned to run my company on a full-time basis.

My doctor placed me on a form of chemo for the next five years (it was the only medication that seem to really make an impact on the rheumatoid arthritis). After a few years, my health took another turn for the worst. I ended up on a form of chemo again, was put on a medically prescribed steroid (gained 55 pounds as a result of this steroid); ended up with a compromised lung (due to the chemo), and was diagnosed with chemically induced asthma (result of the prescribed medications).

It was at that point that I made another ‘radical decision’ to Re-Imagine. Re-Invent. Re-Emerge.™ in every area of my life. I hired a personal trainer, lost the 55 pounds, rebranded myself, wrote an Amazon best seller, reinvented my business model, changed my lifestyle, and re-defined my definition of success.

During this time of reinvention, I was blessed to vacation in so many awesome places: Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Alaska, Bermuda, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania and Beijing, China. I was determined to enjoy my life and continue to succeed in every area of my life. I bought myself a miniature baby grand, and by the way, it’s 2015 – my health is so so much better, my business is thriving, and I am learning how to play the piano!

What I learned on this journey: “Keep The Faith, Never Give Up, And Get Rid of Whatever Makes You Stop”™

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