“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, then you will succeed.” – Albert Schweitzer

Success SimplifiedHave you ever wondered why you feel like you’re on a treadmill, trying to go faster and juggling many different tasks while trying to please everyone? You’re not alone. These days it seems that everyone is trying to grab the gold ring but the carousel is going too fast to allow most to find competent strategies to reach out and actually grasp it.

What if you took control and chose your own meaning of success so that you could live the life that you love? It’s just a matter of Re-Imagining, Re-Inventing and then Re-Emerging™ in your definition of success.

Yes, you do have the right to choose what success is for you.

Success Simplified provides the insights and techniques for reaching your success factor from several well-known authors and thought-leaders who have the capacity to not only inspire but to transform your life.

My chapter, From Visioning Great to Successing Great, focuses on how to become extremely successful in career, business and life. I provide examples of the importance of self-worth, positioning, ‘value’ and ‘expertise’ from my clients’ real life experiences and some of my own.

I believe that in the new economy, business owners and career professionals must establish their self-worth and bring their ‘own’ value and expertise to the table. They must have their ‘own’ unique space in order to achieve success in their career and expand their business footprint in the marketplace.

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FFFbkimage3-13You may also want to pre-order my newest book How to Become Fit, Fine and Fabulous in Career, Business and Life and discover how you can get on purpose, develop a Strategic Success Plan™, and live a life by design by utilizing the 3R Method: Re-Imagine * Re-Invent * Re-Emerge™. This book is designed to help you ‘Get on Your Dime’, ‘Create Your Own Exclusive Space’ and ‘Take It to a Whole “NEW” Level’™ in career, business and life with purpose, passion and power.

Scheduled release date: 4/12/13

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Linda J. EvansOn Tuesday of last week, I was enlightened by your presentation, 5.5 Strategies for Making Connections, Building High-End Relationships and Living Unprecedented Results.

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to many speakers over the past year as a member of ABWA-HAPEN, but your presentation was absolutely outstanding.

The message was clear, precise, and direct on the strategies for making connections and building high-end relationships.

With tables of people in the room, I felt as if you were only talking to me. Based on your awesome presentation, I joined your Global Association of High-Achieving Women on Facebook and I also pre-ordered your upcoming book How to Become Fit, Fine & Fabulous in Career Business and Life.

Linda J. Evans
Member, ABWA (HAPEN)