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Dr. Laureen - Speaker

As a Speaker, Strategist and Solutionist, I am also the author of the Amazon best seller: Fit, Fine & Fabulous in Career, Business & Life.

I deliver my branded strategies and solutions in a hybrid format that includes: speaking engagements, proprietary packages, certifications programs, on- and off-line consulting, coaching, and mentoring.

My signature speaking topics are:

  1. Growth and Success
  2. Personal/Professional Development
  3. Leadership and Change
  4. Positioning and Visibility

Below is a synopsis of each speaking topic:

Are You Ready: Strategies for mastering Growth, achieving Success and maintaining Acceleration.

Discover how to tap into your unique Growth. Success. Acceleration. (GSA Factor)™

If you are a business owner, you will learn how to:

  • Create strategies for improving your bottom line
  • Attract more clients
  • Expand your footprint in the marketplace
  • Build a rock-solid platform
  • Grow a brand-centered business

If you are a career professional, you will learn how to:

  • Strategize for building a solid career brand
  • Become the acknowledged expert
  • Leverage your expertise, obtain salary increases and obtain senior leadership recognition
  • Craft a personal development plan
  • ‘Leap up’ – not ‘Climb’ the corporate ladder

Overall, you will understand how to shift your mindset from ‘selling to sharing’ and from ‘climbing to leaping’.

Peak Performance: How to Build an Awesome Personal Development Plan.

Success comes when you have a plan in place with actionable steps that lead to positive results and outcomes.

You will learn how to:

  • Put together a personal development plan for career success or business growth
  • Project an image of competence and composure – no matter what’s going on around you
  • Leverage the 3C’s (clarity, commitment and consistency)
  • Develop goals using the SMART model
  • Discover the missing puzzle pieces for your success

The focus will be on those strategies that will enhance your brilliance and accelerate your business or career with more outward Passion, on target Purpose and outrageous Power.

Mastering the Maze: Understanding Leadership Styles and Dealing with Change in the 21st Century.

The ability to put your best foot forward, communicate effectively, resolve conflict and confidently handle any situation with finesse and skill are not only desirable leadership skills, but skills that give you the added benefit of boosting your own self-confidence and self-worth.

Your will learn how to:

  • Develop a leadership style that fits your personality
  • Improve your presence and credibility
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Use those tactics for unlocking your creativity
  • Promote your expertise

Finally you will be able to strengthen your rapport with others, improve your listening skills and clearly deliver your message in a very positive and professional manner.

Building a Platform: Are You Positioned For Maximum Visibility?

Getting Connected. Getting Noticed. Getting Known. Getting Paid.™ is the key to building a platform that brings maximum visibility.

You will learn how to:

  • Implement the strategies for buildingkey influencer’ relationships
  • Be authentic and have a recognizable footprint and compelling brand
  • Polish your brilliance and maximize your presence
  • Put tactics in place that will get you noticed and known
  • Stay ‘top of mind’ with your peers, team members and clients

You will understand how the Three ‘I’ Method: Impact. Influence. Income.™ can provide you the right strategies for positioning, presence, and accolades.

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Laureen: I really enjoyed meeting you. What a class act you are! I could tell you had everyone’s attention, as they were taking notes. Thank you so much for coming so early in the morning to speak to our group. – Ellen Caldwell-Ng, Memorial Women’s Business Network

Dr. Laureen: Sorry I missed your talk last night at B-harmony. The feedback I received is… you ROCKED THE HOUSE as if that came as a surprise to me. I knew you would… that’s why I connected you with Jennifer and Jeff. – Kathy Brandon, Founder, Ready for Happiness

Dr. Wishom designed and facilitated a full-day planning retreat for the Board of Directors of a new not-for-profit organization. The results were better than I anticipated, and I had anticipated great results! Her approach was very creative and it helped the participants immediately connect with each other. She skillfully guided us through the day’s activities in a way that kept us focused on the desired outcomes we had discussed in advance. I would not hesitate to call her again to help us with our next planning retreat. -Tim Smith, Board Chair, Texas Business Alliance

Dr. Laureen: I was enlightened by your presentation. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to many speakers over the past year as a member of ABWA-HAPEN, but your presentation was absolutely outstanding. The message was clear, precise, and direct on the strategies for making connections and building high-end relationships. With tables of people in the room, I felt as if you were only talking to me. Based on your awesome presentation, I joined your Global Association of High-Achieving Women on Facebook and I also pre-ordered your upcoming book How to Become Fit, Fine and Fabulous in Career, Business and Life. – Linda J. Evans

Laureen has amazed me with how she listens so deeply and is very intentional with her attention to detail in ways you feel she truly gets you. As a woman in business, I would have given almost anything to have a colleague like her 20 years ago. If you are looking to work with a professional that makes you feel validated and is also a Solutionist, you just found her. When working with Laureen, I can trust that she has my back, which is a tall order in today’s business climate. If you want guidance from a steady voice that is also savvy enough with today’s tools and strategies, you found it in Laureen. – Michele Price, Host Breakthrough Business Strategies & Women In Business Radio.

Thank you for being our keynote speaker on May 24th. You really spoke to my audience of career and businesswomen. The feedback received from your presentation was nothing but stellar – look forward to your speaking again to our organization. – Meagan Lyles, Professional Women’s Association

Dr. Laureen Wishom created and presented a fun, fact-filled talk to our BHarmony BIG Ideas event in Dallas, TX. The participates enjoyed an interactive, eye-opening and value-added speech that helped connect the dots for our small business owners and sales professionals engaged in this event. Dr. Laureen’s experience, sharing of her wisdom, empowering women and helping others through non-profits too, makes her a unique asset to any team. I suggest contacting Dr. Wishom as well as reading her blog for valuable information for any entrepreneur! Thank you Dr. Laureen for being a value-giver at BHarmony. – Jennifer Luney, Founder, BHarmony

Dr. Wishom is a dynamic speaker, mentor, author and coach. Having had the pleasure of representing her in the capacity of Public Relations Manager, she is highly marketable and professional. She captivates audiences with her business topics and delivery and provides valuable services to those, particularly women, seeking higher elevations in their personal and professional lives. – Crystal Brown-Tatum, Crystal Clear Communications

Thank you for all you did at the 2015 Board Retreat. The BOD is still raving, since for this Chapter, it’s the first time in years that a professional like you facilitated their Board Retreat. Your Strategic Plan Summary looks excellent. A great way to start the year. – Carlos A. Sanchez, PH.D. – NSA Houston Board President

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