The 10 ‘How To’ Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Be Able To Answer

The 10 ‘How To’ Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Be Able To Answer

Do you really know your Competition?  If not, it is Time That You Do!

As a high-achieving woman in business, here are the ten questions to ask yourself:

1.   Who are your competitors?

2.   What are their financial resources?

3.   How do they market their products and services?

4.   How many employees do they have?

5.   Where are they located?

6.   How do they treat their customers?

7.   What are their pricing strategies?

8.   What are their main strengths and can you meet or exceed them?

9.   What are their biggest weaknesses and how can you do it better?

10. How will they react to your entry into their territory?

Once you have the answers – you will be able to develop a dynamic going-forward marketing and growth plan.


  1. Continue to perfect your leadership skills!
  2. Activate your Growth, Success. Acceleration.
  3. Remember for career and businesswomen, it’s always about RUDResults. Uniqueness. Differentiation.

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