Top Skill Sets of a Successful Entrepreneur

Top Skill Sets of a Successful Entrepreneur

Very successful high-achieving women entrepreneurs typically have a number of similar skills and characteristics that helped them obtain that success status.  You may find some of the points below to be obvious, but a periodic review of these success tactics is a great way to spark or jump-start your business.

  1. Think success, think success and then think success.
  2. Find a need, determine a niche for that need and supply the need to the niche.
  3. Differentiate your product(s) and service(s) – it’s the key.
  4. Brand and position yourself and your products/services.
  5. Think smart, think big, plan for success and never stop learning.
  6. Remain disciplined, persevere and have faith.
  7. Learn to LISTEN, LISTEN and then LISTEN.  The information is out there.  You just have to know how to ‘listen’ for it not just ‘hear’ it.

Here is my live by rules: 1) always be prepared (if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail), 2) be creative, 3) go big and 4) never stop trying.

Start to perfect the skills you know you will need to succeed and create ‘systems’ that work for you and your business.  Now don’t forget to THINK SUCCESS AND THINK SYSTEMS!

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As a reminder, for career and businesswomen it’s always about – ‘Results. Uniqueness. Differentiation.’ I call this your ‘RUD’.
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