Achiever’s ‘Multiple Income Streams’ Breakthrough VIP Day

Working one-on-one with Dr. Laureen in a Achiever’s ‘Multiple Income Streams’ Breakthrough VIP Day can truly take your career, business or non-profit to a ‘Whole NEW Level’™.

In this type of VIP session, Dr. Laureen only works with high-achieving, highly-motivated women business owners and non-profits who are ready to make some BIG CHANGES fast and who won’t let their limiting beliefs or small vision get in the way of the huge progress that can be made in one  Breakthrough VIP Day.

Dr. Laureen will pri­or­i­tize your cur­rent projects, based on your objec­tives, resources, and time­lines. She will present you with ideas for broad­en­ing your tal­ent into a multi-dimensional approach, which will lead to the cre­ation of mul­ti­ple income streams.

If you’re ready to expe­ri­ence a ‘radical’ trans­for­ma­tion in your income, Dr. Laureen invites you to participate in the Achiever’s ‘Multiple Income Streams’ Breakthrough VIP Day.

You’ll leave empow­ered with a renewed sense of pur­pose, increased con­fi­dence, a clear strat­egy and spe­cific action steps and solutions you can imme­di­ately follow to put your income stream into escalation.

You will learn:

How to connect, communicate, collaborate and foster relationships that impact ROI/ROE

How to create a sales funnel and income pyramid to maximize your income streams

How to grow a profitable list of prospects that buy over and over again

How to create and generate multiple income streams based on your niche, expertise and desires for income generation

How to grow a non-profit and leverage a for-profit business for additional income and recognition

How to build an ‘A’ list brand and build high-end relationships to increase the bottom line

How to form strategic alliances, partnerships and collaborations for income generation

How to know when to obtain sponsorships for additional income generation

“Dr. Laureen Wishom created and presented a fun, fact-filled talk to our Bharmony BIG Ideas event in Dallas, TX. The participants enjoyed an interactive, eye-opening and value-added speech that helped connect the dots for our small business owners and sales professionals engaged in this event. Dr. Laureen’s experience, sharing of her wisdom, empowering women and helping others with non-profits, makes her a unique asset to any team. I suggest contacting Dr. Wishom as well as reading her blog for valuable information for any entrepreneur! Thank you Dr. Laureen for being a value-giver at BHarmony.”

What you will receive:

  • One full-day, in person with Dr. Laureen in Houston, Texas
  • Car Service pickup from airport/hotel and return to the airport
  • One pri­vate 30-minute follow-up coach­ing session
  • Complimentary breakfast and lunch
  • Full access to Dr. Laureen’s Resource Data Bank
  • ‘Whole NEW Level’™ Multiple Income Streams Blueprint
  • Any additional practical tools, tips and content-rich learning materials to support you well beyond this Achiever’s ‘Multiple Income Streams’ Breakthrough VIP Day
  • A recording of the entire session in a MP3 format


Bonus #1

Success Simplified provides the insights and techniques for finally reaching your success factor from well-known authors and thought-leaders including Dr. Stephen J. Covey, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Ms. Patricia Fripp, Dr. Laureen Wishom and other notables who have the capacity to not only inspire but to transform your life.


Requirements prior to attending your Achiever’s ‘Multiple Income Streams’ Breakthrough VIP Day.

  • Completion of the VIP Assessment
  • Email or fax your career, business or non-profit documents (e.g., marketing materials, business plan, brand profile, etc.)
  • Sign and fax an executed copy of the Achiever’s ‘Intensive’ Breakthrough VIP Day Agreement


The investment for the Breakthrough ‘Multiple Income Streams’ VIP Day is $4,500.00. Application for the Breakthrough ‘Multiple Income Streams’ VIP Day requires a deposit of $2,250.00 at the time of executing the Breakthrough ‘Multiple Income Streams’ VIP Day Agreement.

Your deposit will be fully refunded within 3 business days if you do NOT meet the criteria for the Achiever’s ‘Multiple Income Streams’ Breakthrough VIP Day. The remainder of the investment must be paid in full after you are accepted.

Yes, Dr. Laureen, I want to purchase the Achiever’s ‘Multiple Income Streams’ Breakthrough VIP Day!

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