What Should High-Achieving Career and Business Women Have in Common With Mega-Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson

What Should High-Achieving Career and Business Women Have in Common With Mega-Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson

In my previous post on LeBron James, I addressed the success strategies of LeBron James, a professional basketball player. Today I would like to focus on Sir Richard Branson’s success strategies and what they have in common with high-achieving women.

He is an iconic and legendary figure within business circles. His Virgin companies span the globe, while his thirst for brand domination and sense of adventure tells the story of his intriguing and thought provoking life.

His life is sprinkled with danger, high-risk tactics and pushing the boundary of ‘possibilities’.

Added to this mix, is his charismatic persona and extraordinary business acumen. Branson has become one of the most well-known and iconic figures of today’s business world.

Like many high-achieving women in business, Sir Richard Branson loves creating things. He sees the problems in the world and then provides solutions.

He has established many different businesses and he has developed over 100 brands.

Hey businesswomen – we definitely have to strive for that – 100 successful brands!

Here are just a few of his success strategies that high-achieving businesswomen can certainly implement:

  1. Challenge The Status Quo.
    Challenge the accepted wisdom and encourage your staff to do the same. Look at things from your customers’ point of view. Here are two examples where Virgin took a totally unique perspective on things:

Virgin Money (is a Bank in Britain) where the branches look more like living rooms than banks. There are tables for Wi-Fi, newspapers, and comfortable seating. This eliminates the lines at the teller windows.

Virgin America Terminal 2 is a terminal with a yoga room and a wide variety of food choices, etc.

It’s important to create something different, something that will stand out.

  1. Create Value In The World.
    Branson says that he starts businesses only if it will improve people’s lives. He was unhappy with the customer service he was getting from British Airways, so he started a new airline, Virgin Atlantic, which is focused around the customer.

Building something you’re passionate about is important as well.

  1. When Pitching, Keep Things Simple.
    Keep your pitches simple, clear, and memorable. Avoid wishy-washy language like “we hope that…” or “with some luck, we’ll…” Be concrete and confident.

Sir Branson also advises entrepreneurs to give a clear explanation of why their business will be sustainable if pitching to investors. Explain how you plan to tackle the inevitable technological changes and market shifts that are heading your way.

  1. Be A Self-Motivator.
    According to Branson, entrepreneurs need to be good self-motivators. It’s important to understand what is your main motivation, so that you can focus your efforts on reaching those goals. Then structure your job – perhaps by delegating some work – so that you can spend as much time as possible turning this energy into your company’s advantage.

Branson believes that if money is your only motive, then you shouldn’t launch the business at all.

  1. Dream Big.
    According to Branson, you’ve got to dream big by setting seemingly impossible goals and challenges. You then have to catch up with them. If you don’t dream, nothing happens.

For me, I believe that you must take a long-term strategic view, revisit it often, and take it very seriously.”


  1. Continue to perfect your leadership skills!
  2. Activate your Growth, Success. Acceleration.
  3. Remember for career and businesswomen, it’s always about RUDResults. Uniqueness. Differentiation.

You can do this and more – what are you waiting for!


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