Which One Do You Need: Mentor, Mate Or Mentee? – Part 1

Which One Do You Need: Mentor, Mate Or Mentee? – Part 1

As a high-achieving woman who plans to succeed in today’s marketplace, there are three types of people you must have in your professional life.

These three types people will help you reach your professional goals, climb the corporate ladder, grow your business, obtain professional success and flourish in all areas of your career, business and life.

The Mentor will help you reach goals much quicker than expected and with fewer headaches. You should always strive to surpass your Mentor’s current professional level. Don’t seek a Mentor for what he/she has earned (i.e., house, car, degrees, clothes, etc.) but seek a Mentor for what he/she has learned (i.e., insight, wisdom, life’s lessons, character, knowledge and integrity).

Remember, a Mentor is a ‘learning-curve cutter’ (shorten the time it would take you to learn what you need) and is also a person who shares his/her experiences, knowledge and wisdom. —– This is your time to receive.

The Mate is a person who will be your Co-Partner. The Mate is someone who is close to your age and there is a similarity in your careers, life or business endeavors.

The Mate is a person who you will bounce ideas off of and who will provide you with feedback. The Mate will also experience similar successes and failures as you do. Both of you should climb the ladder of success together. This is your time to share.

The Mentee (the correct word is protégé) is a person who you pour your knowledge into. The Mentee learns from your experiences and knowledge. A Mentee is great to have because he/she will compel you to review your life, your accomplishments and will cause you to squeeze out some nuggets of truth that will help the Mentee avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that you may have encountered. —– This is your time to give.

The Mentor, Mate and Mentee make a powerful team. They will help you achieve your GSAfactor – Growth. Success. Acceleration.

Did you know that the second richest man in the world, Warren E. Buffett, mentors the richest man in the world, Bill H. Gates?

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series on Mentor, Mate or Mentee.


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